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I've added a recipe directory

feel free to add your recipes

ehhhh it still needs a bit of work
the layout of the recipe needs fixed but at the moment I don't know how  L-)

and adding recipes could be worked on, but again, I don't know how  #-o

so it is a work in progress, it functions, it's just not aesthetically pleasing  :P

maybe eventually I'll hire someone to fix it to be better than it is now

thanks to live over at smf, paid him to at least fix the recipe directory so that I could customize the detail page....

yes it still needs some more work, it's not the best out there but it functions and looks ok now

It's just when adding a recipe, all options show even if you don't need that's kind of meh....but oh well, it's ok....

so I'm happy with it at the moment and it's actually useful now whereas before it really wasn't very useful
it just listed everything in a list, making it difficult to follow the recipe

now, thanks to live, I'm able to rearrange everything and it's much easier to follow the recipe

when adding a recipe for the percent's you don't need to add the % sign, just put the numbers in, the % sign is hard coded into the template

depending on feedback, I may or may not add mls to the list so you can decide to use ml or %
but figured % is easier since not everyone will be making the same amount of juice, whereas mls would change per bottle size, % doesn't change.

there's an issue with the recipe's notes and meh...
even though you add more than 1 line of text, it displays it all as a 1 line run on sentence.....not sure how to fix that
I even tried using
--- Code: ---<br />
--- End code ---
in the note field but it just displayed it as text and not a return...
so that's kind of annoying, sorry
I think I know what I need to do but, I'll mess with it later
essentially I need to create a 2nd description and rename it to notes
but I've messed with enough code today, I'll play with that later


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