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I have add a Website directory (of sorts) it is more meant to be a coupon directory but vaping sites can add their links as well but preferable for listing coupons to sites

If coupons are reported as not working they will be removed

there are two ways to add coupons

either by a coupon code or by a url

please make sure to put the coupon description

currently there is allowed up to 5 coupons (more may be added if requested/needed, but I think 5 is more than enough)

please note that affiliate links are allowed so listings and coupons may be attached to an affiliate link
on that same note, any added by myself are my own affiliate links to try and help support the costs of THL

Please note that coupon codes may not work, sorry, please feel free to report any non-working coupons

If you are a registered supplier of THL and your site has already been added by a member, please feel free to contact me and I will transfer the listing to your account, so that you can keep it up to date.


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