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The Help Line! Vaping Directory, Reviews, Deals, Contests, Hints, Tips and Tricks

Vaping is all about personal preferences and shouldn't cost an arm and a leg
I strive to find the best deals and help others find things to suit their needs at the best possible price
I started doing juice reviews as a way to give back to the vaping community for all the help they gave/give to me in finding gear to suit my vaping needs because as we all know find a juice that you like is sometimes very difficult and I try to keep an unbiased opinion when doing reviews because obviously what I might like someone else does not or in many cases what I don't like others do, so let me to give more of a detailed review than personal opinion.

While THL is my own personal site, it is community driven and thrives from everyone's input and cooperation. Trust me, no question is too stupid, because I ask the stupidest questions all the time. We are here to help in any way that we can.

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I do mostly written reviews and a few video reviews on vaping products.
I also post deals, coupons, contests, giveaways and host a vaping directory.
As well as post on forums and FB groups.